Infrastructural Facilities

The land area of the institution consists of 2640 sq.mts and the build up area of 1500 as per Kerala Government Order on lease. In addition to this play ground around 200sq.mts used for Physical Education on sharing basis with Petta Government High School.The institution posses Land use certificate, building completion certificate, non encumbrance certificate etc. from competent authority.

Sl.No  Infrastructure Whether available
1. Classroom

1.      Classroom  1

2.      Classroom  2

3.      Classroom  3

4.      Classroom  4

5.      Conference Room







2. Multipurpose Hall Yes
3. Library- cum -Reading Room Yes
4. ICT Resource Centre Yes
5. Curriculum Laboratory

1.      Life Science Laboratory

2.      Physical Science Laboratory

3.      Psychology Laboratory

4.      Social Science Laboratory

5.      Language Laboratory(Arabic)

6.      Language Laboratory(Hindi)





6. Art & Resource Centre Yes
7. Health & Physical Education Resource Centre Yes
8. Multipurpose Playfield 1 Yes
9. Multipurpose Playfield 2 Yes
10. Principal’s Office Yes
11. Staff Rooms Yes
12. Administrative Office Yes
13. Visitors Room Yes
14. Separate Common Room for male &Female students Yes
15. Seminar Room Yes
16. NSS Office Yes
17. Separate toilet facility for Male & Female Students Yes
18. Separate toilet facility for staff Yes
19. Separate toilet facility for differently abled persons Yes
20. Parking space Yes
21. Open space for additional accommodation Yes
22. Store Room Yes
23. Medical Facility Yes
24. Alumini Room Yes
25. Music Room Yes
26. Counseling Room Yes
27. Sick Room Yes

Instructional facilities

All faculty members of this institution is well qualified and experienced as per norms of UGC and NCTE. There are 20 practice teaching schools including Malayalam and English medium divisions in order to get first hand experience in teaching scheduled as Induction programme (II semester) and Practice Teaching (III semester).In addition to practice in basic subjects the pupil acquires skill in Yoga, Physical Education, Art Education and SUPW.


The college has 6540 number of books on different subjects, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries. The college subscribes journals, periodicals, weeklies and Newspapers. The back volumes of different educational journals are kept in the library. Library equipped with internet facility and printer.

  1. Sittingcapacity in the Reading Room – 60
  2. Number of Books – 6540
  3. Number of Titles – 5700
  4. Number of Reference Book like Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Documents, Reports etc – 968

Names of Journals

  1. Indian Journal of Teacher Education (NCTE),(ISSN 2349-6355)
  2. Journal of Indian Education (NCERT),(ISSN 0377-0435)
  3. Indian Educational Review,(ISSN 0377-0435)
  4. International Journal of Education and Research,(ISSN 2349-6355)
  5. Journal of Educational Planning and administration,(ISSN 0971-3859)
  6. Edutracks,(ISSN 0972-9844)
  7. Journal of Educational Research and Extension,(ISSN 0973-6190)

IT Lab

Computer Education is imparted to B.Ed. students in the Computer laboratory with Internet facilities.

Science Lab

Science laboratory is equipped with various apparatus for conducting experiments in Physics/Chemistry/Biology that are appropriate for high school classes. The teacher trainees can make use of the laboratory facilities for conducting demonstrations/experiments.

Social Science Lab 

The College has a well equipped social science laboratory. It is equipped with apparatuses and material required for the subject, which helps in creating and maintaining a much needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning. Each year work shops conducted with the help of experts in the field to enable students in preparing improvised teaching aids.

Psychology Lab

As per the guidelines of the N.C.T.E the college has a Psychology Laboratory. Verbal, non-verbal and performance tests are available in the lab. Students are given practical sessions to familiarise themselves with various psychological tests and obtain practical skills in their administration, scoring and interpretation.

Facilities added during the last quarter

  • SONY LCD Projector
  • Honda Grass Cutter
  • laser printer
  • Almirah
  • Laboratory Equipment’s & library books (100)
  • Installed CCTV
  • Desktop Computer



  1. Self-reflection
  2. Morning Assembly
  3. Talent Day
  4. Procession
  5. College Union Election
  6. Oath-taking Ceremony
  7. Field Exposure and School Visit Programmes
  8. Remedial and Tutorial Programmes
  9. Day Celebrations
  10. Christmas Day Celebrations
  11. Subject Association
  12. Literacy Programmes
  13. Film festival
  14. House Formation
  15. Blog creation
  16. Value Education Programmes
  17. National Science Day Celebrations
  18. Retreats, Yoga, Meditation and Prayers
  19. Talks by experts
  20. Art’s corner
  21. Music & Drama Club
  22. Counseling on Adolescent Mental Health Issues
  23. Community services
  24. Citizenship Training
  25. SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work)
  26. Against Domestic Violence
  27. Merit Day
  28. Model Examinations – First Semester
  29. Annual Athletic Meet
  30. Field Study Trips and Study Tour
  31. Residential Community Living Camp
  32. Observance of World Environment Day
  33. Parents – Teacher Association Activities
  34. Alumni Association
  35. Nature Education Camp
  36. Independence Day Celebrations
  37. Seminar on Breast Feeding
  38. Community Services
  39. Soft Skills Training
  40. Onam Celebrations
  41. Health and Fitness Programmes
  42. Teacher’s Day Celebrations
  43. Observance of Ozone Day
  44. Cleaning Programme
  45. Career Guidance and Placement Services
  46. Health Awareness Programme
  47. Aids Awareness Programme
  48. Legal Awareness Programme
  49. Personality Development Programmes
  50. Inter-training College Competitions
  51. Arts’ Festival
  52. College Day Celebrations
  53. Basic Training Programme on Human Rights
  54. College Development Council
  55. Seminars & Workshops
  56. College Magazine& Class Magazine

National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme unit (NSS) started from 2022 this year with the main objectives of :

  1. understands the community in which they work
    ii. Understand them in relation to their community
    iii. Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving
    IV.  Develop among them a sense of social and civic responsibility
    v.  Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems
    VI.  Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities
    vii. Gain skills in mobilizing community participation
    viii. Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes
    ix.  Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and
    x.  Practice national integration and social harmony

Organic Farming

MOOC activities started in this institution from 2018 to encourage the youngsters to understand and conceive an organic way of life with a strong message “back to nature”. This will ensure to achieve a global perception of sustainable agriculture and will be in consonance with the objectives of state government’s noble mission “Haritha Kerala”.